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Thirsty Thursday: Week 6… And A Blog Award!

Thanks to Jen at A Book, A Girl, A Journey, I have received my very first blog award!! I was very excited to find out about this! Now, as per the rules of this award, I must tell you 7 … Continue reading

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Just A Few Tidbits… And Scrivener.

This is a very late post. There are reasons why, the main being I am exhausted!  Today has been one hell of a day. The planets must have been aligned just right for all the havoc that was wreaked. … Continue reading

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SyFy… Again… Sort of.

Yesterday I did a post about the SyFy Monday shows that I like… But they are too numerous to name in just one post. So, here I am again, doing a post on the shows that are currently airing. On … Continue reading

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SyFy Mondays & An Interview

To start off, I’m going to let you know that I have been interviewed by the wonderful Elizabeth Sogard of Aspire and Inspire. If you feel so inclined, check it out what we talked about here! Now that we’ve got that out … Continue reading

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I’m shy. SHH!! Don’t tell anyone!! It’s true though. My husband doesn’t even realize it, but that’s because he remembers me from high school when I knew everyone and had nothing to fear. Everyone already had an opinion of me, … Continue reading

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Kid-Free Fridays and Flash Fiction Unicorns!

I’m home alone today. The kids are at my dad’s house and Hubs is at work. I should be cleaning right now, but decided that it’s something I can procrastinate on a little longer. It’s Friday! I have ME time! … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Week 5

It’s that day of the week again, where I give you a fresh cup-o-knowledge. I provide you a list of blogs that dole out that writing advice you crave. The Character Therapist –Elizabeth Mueller helps you develop your characters using the knowledge … Continue reading

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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (Not An Obsession With Tunnels)

For several months, I have experienced numbness in my left pinky finger, the left half of my ring finger, and up the left side of my arm. There were two possibilities I was considering might cause this. 1) I thought it could … Continue reading

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From Books to Movies

I went and saw Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 last week. It was great! I would love to sit here and talk to you about all the wonderful parts that made it a great movie, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Week 4

      Welcome to the fourth installment of Thirsty Thursday where I fill your cup with that writerly knowledge you crave.       This week I have a theme. That’s right! Not only am I giving you links to great advice about writing, … Continue reading

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