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Ten Useful Blog Posts For Any Writer

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your writing skills. Every book, every paragraph, every line, and every word, is a stepping stone to learning not just better writing, but better story-telling as well.Here are a few blogs that may … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life of [This] Mother/Writer

As a mother and a writer, my days are full to the point of needing extra hours in the day. I am lucky to be able to be at home to take care of my kids and write while Hubs … Continue reading

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Link Your Handle To Your Content

Those of you that follow this here blog-o-mine may know me from Twitter, but do you really know me? Currently, my Twitter handle is @katiebeme… As in Katie be me. I had one woman tell me my smile is like … Continue reading

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By Martin LaBar Monday, I started doing research on the meanings behind various flowers. I looked through various websites trying to find specific meanings. I thought I had hit the jackpot Monday afternoon when I found a site that was everything I … Continue reading

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7 Unexpected Things You Might Need As A Writer

Writers need certain things to make the writing process and their every day lives smoother for them. A good word processor or writing program, good ideas, a good knowledge of grammar and spelling, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and patience are … Continue reading

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The Rapture: Zombie Apocalypse Style

        As you know, today is supposed to be the day of the Rapture. As you also probably know, May is Zombie Apocalypse Awareness Month. Odd that these two events should fall at the same time, but fitting I suppose. … Continue reading

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To Kill or Not To Kill – An Argument With My MC

        Humph Right now I am struggling with myself. I’m at a point in my WIP where I want something to happen. I want it to happen real bad. I want it to happen so badly I’m literally shaking. But … Continue reading

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Evil Ninja Cat Will Jump Through Your Window

Yes, it is true. Here’s what happened: By Stephen Scott Hubs and I were tucking Precious into bed last night. She was up past her bedtime anyway, so we thought we would hang out with her and talk and laugh … Continue reading

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Sick Kids + Cleaning House = Ixnay on the Itingwray!

by sanja gjenero         I hate it when my kids are sick. And not solely for the reason of hating to see them feverish and sickly and pitiful… No, I hate it for another reason too… I don’t get to … Continue reading

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I’ve Made It This Far…

As some of you know, this is not my first attempt to write a book. I’ve told you how, in the past, I sat down to write and a week later walked away.  I couldn’t really tell you why I … Continue reading

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