My Writing

The Changeling

Amanda saw her older sister die. When she starts claiming a creature from the forest was at fault, her parents send her to a mental institution. Five years later, when she is released, she is determined to get her life back to normal. Aside from a few bullies at school, things seem to be on track. Until she discovers that her sister was not the only kid to have died so suddenly. With the help of her friend and a boy she just can’t keep away from, she goes in search of the truth and discovers the world outside of the hospital is a lot crazier than inside.

*(In edits)

The Gifted

Jane’s hallucinations are nothing next to waking up in another world where magic reigns and a tyrannical madman is after her rare Gift of Crossing worlds. He will kill her -and anyone that gets in his way- to steal it. Jane must learn to use her Gift to defeat him or everyone she knows and loves will die.

*(Soon to be queried.)

5 Responses to My Writing

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  2. Eric White says:

    Love your musings, Kathleen!

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