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Things so far…

Here’s my first vlog, detailing things happening right now. Hope you enjoy! (And don’t mind the Little Man in the back ground. He loves the spotlight:-))

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This isn’t a real post

I just wanted to stop in and let you know things are going well with the move. Only a few more thing left to move or put in storage and we’re good to go=) We took yesterday off and got … Continue reading

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It’s time for…

A blog break. I have never taken one in my over-a-year of blogging. It’s necessary though. My family and I are moving households which means I have little time to do much on the internet. I may come in to … Continue reading

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What The Meaning of Sick Is (In My Household)

So, I went missing for a few days. I didn’t do a Thirsty Thursday, didn’t do any thanks for Thanksgiving, nor did I do a Saturday Prompt. I haven’t posted anything since the Twitter Follower Giveaway post and that was … Continue reading

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The Truth About the Truth

You’ll hear it all over the internet, from the mouths of hundreds of authors and writers, and in hundreds of advice books: If you want to write, put butt in chair. There are people out there who spout the “Write … Continue reading

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Busy Sickly Weeks and a Happy Birthday to Little Man!

My week so far has been full of crazy. I’ve gotten very little done on my NaNo Project as you can see: Five straight days of no writing so far. I’m hoping to fix this tonight (after Grimm, of course) … Continue reading

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What Cat Ballerinas, Captain America, and Mitt Romney Have In Common

Last week was Halloween. That means costumes, Trick or Treat, and candy galore. These are the staples of this crazy holiday where kids dress up and allowed to knock on strangers’ doors. Sugar highs push kids to the point of … Continue reading

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What Coats and Laptops Have In Common

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday with Little Man. It was an impromptu visit, happening only because it was forty-nine degrees out and I didn’t have a coat. The kids and Hubs have coats, but I had bypassed my own coat … Continue reading

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The (Unexpected) Things You Learn When You Go To A Writer’s Conference

Saturday, I went to a writing conference in Columbus, Indiana. It was a small one, lasting only one day, and sponsored by Pen It! Magazine. Now, while I do have plans to tell you a bit about what happened during … Continue reading

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When the Busy Happens

I didn’t realize until last night that I had only written one post for last week. Wow. I try to blog at least twice a week, but time slipped away and hid under the bed. Ce la vie. Sometimes Life. … Continue reading

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