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Need I say more?  Because, honestly, it’s that freaking amazing! I had heard about this great program for writers to use and so I checked it out.  The first page I looked at was a bit of a let down … Continue reading

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Balancing Life and Writing

By Jakub Krechowicz I am a mother and a wife in addition to being a writer.  I have a beautiful little girl, Precious I shall call her, who is turning five very soon.  I also have a boy, Little Man, who … Continue reading

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Hitting the Wall

By Ian Britton For runners, there is a point during a marathon when they feel they cannot go on, they cannot possibly finish.  They refer to it as The Wall.  I am not a runner.  I hate running.  I am a writer … Continue reading

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They Shall Remain Nameless…

By kandyjaxx I wonder sometimes, Is it just me or do other writers get as much grief from their characters as I do?  Here lately they refuse to tell me their names.  I get their personalities lined out and give them a bit … Continue reading

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Something I’ve Learned About Writing

By Steve Mohundro As I have mentioned, I love reading.  I also love writing.  Unfortunately, for me, those two cannot mix.  I have a problem with separating out what I read from what I want to write, so I have … Continue reading

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Midnight Musings

By mystik Spring has officially arrived!! Or so I hope. I don’t know of any temperature drops in the near future, but the weather is fickle. Still, I hear birds chirping away in the morning,  my windows are open pretty much … Continue reading

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A lot, and yet…

By Horia Varlan I have a lot of books.  Lots and lots.  There is a wall in our house that has a large bookshelf attached to it. It is covered with books… I still need more room.A couple of weeks … Continue reading

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