Who the What?

My name is Kathleen Doyle and I am a:

Writer – I love writing: creating new worlds and seeing what crazy adventures the voices in my head come up with. I’ve been writing since grade school. Diaries, journals, and poetry are where I started. Ideas for novels started slapping me upside the head, looking for attention, so I obliged them. I have never gotten past an outline and a single chapter before the idea for The Gifted came to me. Outline after outline of story ideas cover my desk as do Post-It notes of all colors, calendars of my own design, and inspirational quotes from both famous and not so famous writers.

Mother – I have two children. Princess, my little girl, is school age and loves all animals (but not bugs… except for cicadas). Little Man, my son, is a preschooler and obsessed with robots, monsters, and chasing his sister around yelling “Zombies!” They are my life and help fill me with inspiration and imagination.

Wife – I have been married for 8 years now to the love of my life. His hard work allows me to stay home to write and take care of our kids. His unending support and willingness to sit through hours of being an “idea dummy” give me the strength to continue on when my inner critic won’t shut up. He is intelligent and funny and dedicated to his family. And, most importantly, he feeds my addiction to books. (Hands off ladies! He’s mine!)

These are the three most important aspects of my life. I also play the role of daughter, sister, and friend. I am a lucky woman to have the family and friends that I do. They support me whole-heartedly and accept the crazy that comes with knowing a writer.

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