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The Chocopocalypse

I’ve told you about my daughter’s attempt to take over the world with glitter. Turns out she’s not the only child of mine that has world domination on the mind. Precious wanted to make the world sparkle-y and shiny. Little … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Roaming Black Hole

I have, in my house, a Mysterious Roaming Black Hole. You can’t see it. It is everywhere and no where, but mostly in the dryer targeting left socks. This Black Hole appeared right around the time my daughter was born … Continue reading

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The Art of Knowing Everything… Even If You Don’t

Kids are awesome. They have such curious minds and want to know about anything and everything. They question you about all things under the sun and sometimes over the sun as well. “How does the sky work?” “Why are there … Continue reading

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Writing: Lessons From Children

            There are so many books and blogs out there on the structure of writing, the use of plot and plot devices, characterization, and plotting or pantsing. So many, in fact, it would be impossible to list them on … Continue reading

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