Hey! Anyone want a CP?

I’m deep in edits on The Gifted and The Changeling right now, but something is missing… Critique Partners.

I’ve been a part of two crit groups since I started this crazy journey of writing, but both have fizzled out. One because we weren’t exactly the right fit for one another (as happens) and the other because the forum mods decided to revamp the site and ours was one of the many that got nixed. *SAD FACE*

Suffice to say, I’m in need of CPs again.

If anyone is in need of a CP as well, let me know in the comments and we’ll figure out the deets. I’m interested in doing maybe a chapter a week. If you want to know more about what I write, check out My Writing where you’ll find the blurb of each book. I’d suggest going ahead and saying a little something about yourself and your writing as well. I’m hoping to get a group of three or four people for this.

So… Wanna be my CP?

About Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle is an avid reader, writer of NA and Adult fiction, a mom to two tornadoes that resemble an eight and six year old, and pet to a tuxedo cat named Oz and a German Shepherd/Boxer rescue named Charlie. If she's not reading, writing, or getting Oz out of a tree, she's screaming at characters on TV and trying not to curse around her kids.
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15 Responses to Hey! Anyone want a CP?

  1. Hi Kathleen, I would be interested in being in a CP group. One chapter a week is doable for me. I hope it will keep me on track in editing my first book. I write chick lit and try to be funny. A bit different then what you write. Let me know if your interested.

  2. Mike Manz says:

    I would love to be part of a critique group, but I’m currently drafting, not editing. I’m hoping to finish soon (in a couple of weeks) but that will still put me a couple of months down the road before I start editing. I’ll check back when I’m ready for edits and see if you have an open spot and don’t mind my joining in.

    Oh, and thank you very much for switching to WordPress. You gave me the impetus to do the same. I registered a domain on Friday, and my WordPress based site site is now up and running (http://msmanz.com). Like you, I was starting to get frustrated with the limitations of blogger, so thanks for the push. 🙂

    • WordPress has been great! It’s definitely different than Blogger, but offers so much more.
      And when you’re ready, just get in touch with me about the crit group=) I’m sure we’d be able to fit you in no problem=)

  3. I am interested in having a CP. Are you forming a group or want to read one to one with each other? I have a WIP that needs feedback, I can email you the synopsis~ I can commit to a Chapter (or segment) each week. I write a bit more on the chick lit side but there is always a sci-fi twist and your genre is very appealing to me as a reader.

  4. And where did you get your “WIP” Widget in the sidebar, love it!

    • You are more than welcome to join in the CP group. I’ve got two people lined up already and you would make a fourth which would be perfect! I’m going to get in touch with everyone within the next couple of days to figure out the details and get everyone acquainted.
      The widget is from this site: http://honorless.net/progressbar.htm#note3
      It’s a great place to get your progress bar because you can modify the size to fit the sidebar and the colors to match your blog.

      • Hey there– I could do justice to a one to one exchange but I won’t be able to carefully read three a week, I’d hate to drag you down. I’ll keep an eye out for the next go around. Best Wishes!

        • I’d still be willing to have you as a crit partner and you don’t have to do the others if you want. This way you still get crits without worry about having to work others as well. It’s up to you=)

        • Why don’t we exchange first chapters and see if we are a good fit?

          My manuscript gets boggy in the middle– if we decide to move forward and I don’t have something to show one week (because it needs more work), I am happy to read yours anyway~

          rethinkjewelry [at] gmail [dot] com subject line: crit partner

        • Sounds good to me=) I’ll email you later today with the first Chapter of The Changeling=)

  5. Esther Jones says:

    Have you checked out any critique websites? I find I usually get really good feedback at http://www.scribophile.com/

    • I occasionally post flash fiction pieces on Critique Circle, but I prefer a more personal relationship when it comes to crits for my WIPs. I haven’t checked out scribophile.com yet, but I probably will=) Thanks for the recommendation!

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