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I love cooking. It’s unfortunate that Hubs is a meat and potatoes only kind of man because that really limits what I can cook. I could cook for just me and the kids, but they take after their father. Precious is a little bit more willing to try new food, as long as it doesn’t look weird, but Little Man is his father all over again. (Thank goodness for vitamins!) So, I look for and find great recipes that I have to either cut down to one serving (very difficult) or just salivate over knowing I’ll never get a chance to make it…


I’ve not given up on one particular yummy that is my favorite food of all time: Chicken and Dumplings.

I’ve decided to share this recipe with you, as taught to me by my sister (the best cook in the world… Seriously). I’m going to warn you now though, the cooking of this Chicken and Dumplings is off the cuff. There are no measurements to what is added. It’s all to taste.

Kathleen’s Chicken and Dumplings

1 Whole Chicken
*Green Beans
*Chopped Carrots (or baby carrots)
Poultry Seasoning
2 Cans Chicken Broth
*A quarter chopped onion
*2 chopped celery sticks
*Minced garlic (I use just about a half a spoon full from a jar I got at the store)

(The dumplings will be from the recipe found on a box of Bisquik.)

1) Boil the chicken until cooked through. Take out of pot and let cool. While the chicken cools, reduce the left over broth.
2) Sautee onion, celery, and garlic in butter.
2) Once cooled, remove all bone from chicken.
3) **Put chicken, (canned) chicken broth, milk, sauteed veggies, frozen/fresh veggies, poultry seasoning, and milk into pot of reduced broth. Stir occasionally for about an hour/until vegetables are cooked through.
4) Put dumplings on top and cook until dumplings are done. (I add a little bit of parsley to the dumpling mix to give them a bit of color.)
5) EAT!!!!

It really is that easy=) Boiling the chicken takes the most time, so if you’d prefer, you can do this in advance and just freeze or refrigerate the chicken and broth. Also, some stores carry a premixed batch of chopped onion and celery in the produce section (you can also find the jar of minced garlic there).

*If you have a meat and potatoes kind of guy at home, it’s easy to make a separate batch for them once you have all the ingredients at hand. In a separate pot, add just the chicken, milk, and broth. It won’t have the same flavor (even Hubs prefers the taste of the vegetable soup to his non-veggie chicken and dumplings), but it still tastes pretty darn good.

**If you’re feeling adventurous, add some Kentucky Kernal Seasoned Flour to the soup and find your taste buds popping with WOW! (Don’t add too much though, you don’t want the soup to get too thick!)

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3 Responses to R is for Recipe

  1. Tracy says:

    I absolutely LOVE to cook. I was raised in a “meat and potatoes” house – not anything wrong with that – but now I run wild in the kitchen. Sushi, Indian food, French, variations on known recipes I grew up with… it’s all fair game! :)Maybe you can get the kiddies to be more adventurous if you take them to a farmers market and pick out something to cook together? Just a thought!Happy Friday!

  2. Kathleen says:

    @Tracy That's a great idea about the Farmers Market!I came from an adventurous family and now, living with a meat and potatoes husband has me staring at the produce section with such longing!! I often get vegetables for myself and the kids (to try) so I can eat them, but Hubs just looks at them like they killed his cat, lol!

  3. Mmmmm… That sounds awesome! We love that kind of food up here in Seattle. It's perfect for our cool rainy weather. I'm gonna try your recipe out tomorrow! Thanks!!BTW – I'm a new follower via the A to Z.

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