H is for Help

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There are times when things get rough. When we are running around, arms flapping, trying to make things work, but nothing does. What do you do?

First, you cry. Or – you know – huff about it for a bit.

Then, you do what has to be done.

You get help.

In life, you ask friends/family/neighbors for help in whatever you need.

In writing, you can ask the same people.

Or, you can ask the other people out there in this great community of writers. Whether it be plot problems, issues with a character, or a wall you just can’t seem to get past, there are people out there who have been where you are, and are willing to help you out in anyway they can.

There are so many blogs out there – wonderful blogs – with all the advice you could hope for. There are books galore and Twitter and Goodreads and Facebook.

If you need help. You ask for it.

There are people willing to give you that help you need=)

[For those of you that read my C is for Cat post, my sister and I aren’t the only ones that believe in Life Sucking Cats!]

About Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle is an avid reader, writer of NA and Adult fiction, a mom to two tornadoes that resemble an eight and six year old, and pet to a tuxedo cat named Oz and a German Shepherd/Boxer rescue named Charlie. If she's not reading, writing, or getting Oz out of a tree, she's screaming at characters on TV and trying not to curse around her kids.
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8 Responses to H is for Help

  1. Thanks for the excellent reminder, i needed it!

  2. Yes, you're so right! You can indeed find so much help on the internet, not only documents but I've found people (especially fellow-writers) so willing to help. And it works, both ways, doesn't it? I'm always ready to help writers, if I can.

  3. Tonja says:

    I agree, there's lots of help to be found especially right here.

  4. This is why I love blogging, there are so many great people out there for help and support

  5. You said it! Help is always out there–we only need to reach for it. 🙂

  6. Tracy says:

    🙂 The writing community is incredible helpful. I've never met a kinder bunch!

  7. Colin Smith says:

    I have been pleasantly surprise at how helpful, supportive, and generally *nice* the writing community is–both writer and literary agents. There are so many out there willing to give of their time to help other writers, it warms the heart.All the best with the A-Z, Kathleen!

  8. Tia Bach says:

    Such wonderful advice. Too many times we are struggling and don't reach out, when there are plenty who would lend a helping hand.Enjoying your A to Z posts.

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