Thirsty Thursday Blog Round-Up – Saturday Edition

If you remember, I had to postpone the usual Thirsty Thursday until today due to The Sicklies getting me. But that just means that you get more for your reading pleasure!! You would not believe how many posts I had in my Thirsty Thursday folder for this week. I usually do a pretty good job of culling the herd, but there was so much useful and intelligent information this week, my job got harder… And longer! So, lets get to it!
The Key to Distraction-Free Writing — Guest Posted by Ethan Waldman on Jeff Goin’s blog
Distracted? It Could Help Your Writing — Posted by Sarah Baughman on Write It Sideways
Three Character Archetypes in Fiction — Guest Posted by Joe Bunting, Don’t Tie Off Your Endings With a Ribbon — Guest Posted by Linda Yezak, and How to Tell if Your Story Begins Too Soon — Posted by K.M. Weiland on her blog, Wordplay
How to Use the “Save the Cat” Beat Sheet for Revisions and How to Revise for Structure, Part Two — Posted by Jami Gold on her blog, Beach Reads With Bite
Writerly Insecurities & Pushing Ourselves Out of Comfort Zones and Eliminating Unnecessary Plot Complications — Posted by Elizabeth S. Craig on her blog, Mystery Writing is Murder
Editing to Life – Characterization — Posted by Lydia Sharp at Writer Unboxed
Writing the Right Story vs Writing the Story Right — Posted by Suzanna Windsor Freeman at Write It Sideways
The Power of Explanation Compels You: Avoiding the Dreaded Infodump — Posted by Janice Hardy on her blog, The Other Side of the Story
Ten Obstacles to Creativity – and How to Overcome Them — Posted by Cheryl Reif on her blog
Style vs Substance (And the Key to Mastering Both) — Posted by Ollin Morales on his blog, Courage 2 Create
25 Things I Want to Say to So-Called “Aspiring” Writers — Posted by Chuck Wendig on his blog, Terribleminds
Too Quick to Tears: Emotional Timing Is Everything — Guest post by Tiffany Lawson Inman at Writers In The Storm Blog
A Juggler’s Guide to Creating Time for Creativity — Posted by Sue Mitchell on her blog, Your Muse Is Calling (This post isn’t exclusively for writers, but it works just as well.)
Don’t Be Afraid of Failure — Posted by Ava Jae on her blog, Writability
Similes, metaphors, analogies, oh my! — Posted by Julie Musil on her blog

That’s it for this week! Thanks for sticking around and being patient=)

Do you have any links for writers? Share them in the comments!

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