Love, YA and the Requiem Series – A Guest Post By Author Christine Fonseca

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I would like to introduce you to Christine Fonseca. She is the author of DIES IRAE, a novella introduction to the forthcoming Requiem series. I was thrilled when she agreed to guest post for me on this very special of days and what better to talk about on Valentines Day than love in YA?

But before we get to that, I want to tell you a little bit about DIES IRAE. 

                   Short Blurb for DIES IRAE
Some sacrifices should never be made—even for love. 
Mikayel lives by one rule—obey the orders of the angelic Council at all costs. But when he and his friends, Azza and Demi, are sent to Earth as teenagers, following the rules is more difficult than they expected.
Being human isn’t the only problem facing the three angels. Unbeknownst to the Council, demonic activity is on the rise, threatening to break a tenuous peace that has existed for a millennia.
Caught in a struggle for power with unseen demonic forces, and fighting against his rising emotional, Mikayel must now decide how many rules he is willing to break to save his friends, a decision that could reignite an ancient war and will threaten the only thing that matters to the angels, the survival of humanity. 

Author Endorcement(s):
“Dies Irae is the perfect introduction to Christine Fonseca’s Requiem series. The beauty of the words will tempt you, the tragedy of the story will break you, and the love, woven throughout like music through the trees, will haunt you for days afterward. Dies Irae promises a tale unlike any you’ve read before.”
~Ali Cross, Author of BECOME

You can find it at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Now, let’s talk love! Take it away, Christine!

Love, YA and the Requiem Series
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And a special THANK YOU to Kathleen for hosting a leg of the blog tour for DIES IRAE. When I asked Kathleen what she wanted me to write about, she quickly answered “Love”. Perfect. Love, YA, and the Requiem Series.
As a psychologist, I know that there are 3 to 6 (and more) types of love based on various psychological theories. But, we aren’t here to talk theoretical models of love. We’re here to look at love in YA books, and the Requiem Series.
Love is a constant source of inspiration in YA stories. Almost every story has some sort of romantic element that can range from the down and dirty physical aspects of love lust, to the more platonic friendship love between characters, to obsessive love, to forever love. Whatever it is, it is certainly a topic well covered in YA literature.
In my opinion, there are six types of love that make regular appearances in literature:
·         Physical Love, or lust—most romantic elements in stories focus on this type of love. Defined by the physical nature of the relationship, this is common in all stories.
·         Selfish Love—this is the love that is one-sided, selfish in nature and sometimes even unrequited. It is often the type of love that leads to crimes of passion, abuse and other negative events in stories.
·         Platonic Love, or friendship—this is the love that is non-physical in nature. Sometimes it develops into something more in stories (I rather like it when that happens).
·         Obsessive Love—similar to selfish love, this is the all-consuming love we often see in YA stories; the love-at-first sight, I’ll do anything for the other person, die without the other person, love. Often combined with lust, this is the norm in most YA. It can also show up in more abuse types of relationships.
·         Mature Love—seldom in YA, but often in adult stories, this is the healthy, well-balanced love we often strive for.
·         Selfless Love—also known as agape, this is the type of love that leads to compassion, charity and empathy.
Now that I’ve told you my opinion on the types of love I typically read about in YA and other stories, what about the Requiem Series? Well, I am happy to say that the series is steeped in many of the types of love mentioned above. In DIES IRAE, for example, there are elements of each type of love. And in each case, the characters are forced to reconcile their feelings about love with the old adage “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” And yes, most of the time “love” throws the entire story into chaos as the characters try to figure out exactly how far they are willing to go for love.
What are your feelings about love?

For more from Christine, check out her upcoming book, Lacrimosa (which comes out in March):

Short Blurb for LACRIMOSA
As if casting out demons isn’t hard enough, five-hundred-year-old Nesy has to masquerade as a teenage girl to do it. Nesy is the best of the warrior angels called Sentinals. She never makes mistakes, never hesitates, never gets emotionally involved. Until she meets Aydan.  
He is evil incarnate; a fallen angel that feeds off the souls of others. Everything Nesy is supposed to hate.  But she can’t, because he’s also the love of her former life as a human girl—a life that ended too soon, tying her to emotions she was never supposed to feel.
Now Nesy must choose between doing her duty—damning Aydan to the fiery depths of hell—or saving him, and condemning herself. 

Author Endorcement(s):
“LACRIMOSA reaches out, grabs readers by the heart, and takes them on an emotional journey from the first page to the last. The last novel you’ll need to read to understand true sacrifice.”

~Elana Johnson, Author of POSSESSION

                                              About Christine Fonseca

School psychologist by day, critically acclaimed YA and nonfiction author by night, Christine Fonseca believes that writing is a great way to explore humanity. Her debut YA Gothic series, The Requiem Series, including DIES IRAE and LACRIMOSA, examines the role of redemption, sacrifice and love. When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she can be sipping too many skinny vanilla lattes at her favorite coffee house or playing around on Facebook and Twitter. Catch her daily thoughts about writing and life on her blog.

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