The Mysterious Roaming Black Hole

I have, in my house, a Mysterious Roaming Black Hole. You can’t see it. It is everywhere and no where, but mostly in the dryer targeting left socks. This Black Hole appeared right around the time my daughter was born and into it goes anything and everything.

Years ago, when Precious was no more than a year and a half, my sister lost something to that black hole. I don’t remember where we were coming from. All I remember is four of us being in the van; my sister (we shall call her Big Sis, because she is my big sister), Hubs, Precious, and me. Bis Sis had given Precious her keys to play with as we traveled home. At that point in time the black hole was a rarity and nothing to worry about in a car. We should have known better.

Half an hour of sitting in the drive of Big Sis’ house, searching every part of the van, the seat, the car seat, removing the car seat, removing the seat the car seat sat in, and stuffing fingers down into those Strange Spaces that no one ever wants to stick their hands in we still came up with zero keys. Big Sis was able to get into her house, keys or no keys, and so she bid us to continue looking and took her leave. The rest of us went home and continued looking off and on for a while. Eventually we gave up.

A while later, we were selling the van and had to do a thorough cleaning of it. Still no keys. The black hole made a constant appearance by this time as I had become pregnant with my second child providing proof of a direct correlation between children and black holes. (Who knew?) The keys were still missing. There was nothing else we could do short of taking the entire van apart piece by piece. It wasn’t cost effective though, and Big Sis had since replaced all keys.

Now, let’s jump to a couple of years later. In fact, let’s go to just last week.

Some of you know about our Dryer From Hell. In short, our very expensive and practically brand new dryer blew up on us. We were able to do a quick fix, but soon after that the dryer was out of commission. We needed something until we could go out and buy a new one.

Enter Big Sis and Big Bro (my big brother, as if that isn’t obvious). They have a spare dryer! Sure we can use it until we get the new one! It’s a little rusty on top and the lint catcher doesn’t fit all the way in it, but it works great. (It really does by the way.) We’ll bring it by tomorrow.

The lint trap does, in fact, sit not quite completely in its cradle. The kids’ socks, if not disappearing through the black hole, would get stuck in the lint trap. Nothing major. A few days ago, Hubs decided to see what he could do about it. So, he grabs a long thin wooden spoon and shoves it down the slot. The amount of lint that got pulled out was enough to get the lint trap to fit snuggly again.

And we found the keys. In the lint trap. The Mysterious Roaming Black Hole must have spit them out after eating too many left socks. We also found lots of coins, a five dollar bill, receipts (completely washed of the print), the metal part of a lighter, and the usual lint, dust, and dirt.

The moral of this story? If you’ve lost something in your car, it will show up in your lint trap years later.

About Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle is an avid reader, writer of NA and Adult fiction, a mom to two tornadoes that resemble an eight and six year old, and pet to a tuxedo cat named Oz and a German Shepherd/Boxer rescue named Charlie. If she's not reading, writing, or getting Oz out of a tree, she's screaming at characters on TV and trying not to curse around her kids.
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13 Responses to The Mysterious Roaming Black Hole

  1. Wow, that is a real mind scratcher to go from van to lint catcher. I'm a little frustrated all my parents find when they clean their lint trap is more lint.

  2. Now see, I'm the kind of person who would spend WAY too much time trying to piece together how the keys got there.On a side note, I always tell the kids to empty their pockets before putting their clothes in the hamper. Anything I find in the washer or dryer I get to keep. I've been able to buy myself a few good books this way. 🙂

  3. Annie says:

    Do you think the ending for my last manuscript might be stuck in your lint trap? Could you maybe go look for me?

  4. @Annie I'll look, but I make no promises=)

  5. Jen says:

    Haha! We have a black hole around here too…the sock thing is really annoying. And sorry about your dryer!

  6. Simply Sara says:

    Great story! Hits wayy close to home. What is WITH left socks anyway? Sometimes I score big time when I give my HE washer a little colonoscopy, but not always. Mainly I find toddler socks, rarely mine!

  7. Oh my goodness….we have that same black hole! I have never thought to clean out under the lint trap. Perhaps that's where everything is!

  8. What a relief to know this. What is that sound? Me running to see if I can find my accordion file folder filled with my blog notes and passwords…

  9. @Jen You gotta watch out for them! They're everywhere!@Simply Sara My washer exploded recently too… Maybe I should check into this socks in it thing you've mentioned! Black Holes know no bounds, lol!@Andrea @ The Penny-Roach's Take Sara's advice and check the washer too. I had no idea black holes were THIS devious!@Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms Also, look in your vents… The black hole likes tripping people up sometimes by dropping things in the vents.=)

  10. Hmmmm. Thanks for the tip. And thanks for the laughs!

  11. Jamie says:

    Hystercial and also kind of scary! Whenever I see those adds for lint trap cleanings and the number of household fires they cause I always think I need to do that. Still never have.

  12. Hilarious! I think our dryer had the same thing for years. It seems to be less hungry now, but pretty sure our black hole has moved to the fridge as my son now drops everything into the space between the bottom shelf and veggie container:)

  13. vinobaby says:

    Just discovered you from Yeah Write. Your black hole sounds similar to mine. Maybe all of my missing socks are in YOUR lint trap? Perhaps your dryer should have been paired with my Washer from Hell. Provided plenty of blog fodder last year, but not nearly enough to make up for all the nightmares and tears.Cheers.

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