Thirsty Thursday Blog Round-Up

It’s that time of the week again where we delve deep into the waters of knowledge and drink our fill of all the blogs and articles have to offer. So grab your suits, but don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses! This knowledge can get blindingly bright!
When To Take The Next Step — Posted by Lisa Gail Green on her blog, Paranormal Point of View
25 Things Writers Should Know About Finding Their Voice — Posted by Chuck Wendig on his blog, Terribleminds
Mighty Heros REQUIRE Mighty Villians — Posted by Aimee L. Salter on her blog, Seeking the Write Life
How to Find Your Inner Sadist — Posted by Ava Jae on her blog, Writability
Don’t Drown Your Readers in Explanations — Posted by K.M. Weiland on her blog, Wordplay
9 Villains in Literature and Film and How to Make Yours Better — Posted by Joe Bunting at The Write Practice
Eight Characteristics of Good Writing — Posted by Melissa Donovan at Writing Forward
The Question You Should Ask Before You Ask “What if?” — Posted by Larry Brooks on his blog, Storyfix
25 Grammar and Language Mistakes — Posted by Daphne Gray-Grant at Ragan’s PR Daily
How to Make a Boring Character Interesting — Posted by B. MacKenzie at Superhero Nation
What Costco Can Teach Us About Writing — Posted by Julie Musil on her blog
What Makes a Great First Sentence? — Posted by Ava Jae on her blog, Writability
Internal Dialogue — Posted by Lisa Gail Green on her blog, Paranormal Point of View
6 Reasons to Write Flawed Characters — Posted by Lynda R. Young on her blog, W.I.P. It
1000 Verbs to Write By — Posted by Deanna Carlyle on her blog
Query Letter Template — Posted at Bubblecow (no attribution on article)

That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoy the links and are able to learn something from it, whether it’s new or a refresher.

Do you have a link that might be helpful for other writers? Leave a comment!

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  1. Oh wow! A sea of fabulous information! I truly DO need my wetsuit for this! Okay – I'm diving in! Thanks for the wonderful set of links 🙂

  2. Thanks for these links! I've been discussing internal dialogue a lot lately with my CPs. That link is very handy.

  3. Margo Kelly says:

    Your blog is so stinking cute! And, thanks for the great links! 🙂

  4. Great round-up! 🙂

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