Sample Sunday: Meet Nathaniel Taggart


        Welcome to another Sample Sunday. Today we will be meeting one of the characters from my work in progress, The Gifted. His name is Nathaniel Taggart. I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent with him thus far and look forward to the time I will spend with him in the future. I hope you enjoy this peek inside his mind.

Nathaniel, you come into the story early on. How do you meet the main character, Jane Holden?
I am one of her guards.

One of her guards? Why does she need guards?
To keep her safe from Greggory, a treacherous man.

And why were you chosen as one of her guards?
I am one of The Gifted. I have the Gift of Healing, Lightning, and Knowing.

Can you explain that a bit, for my readers?
Certainly. Healing is exactly as it sounds. I can heal sickness and injury. It is not my strongest Gift, but it is the one I value most. Lightning is what it sounds like as well. I can call lightning from the sky, even on the clearest of days and cast it where I like. Knowing is different. I have the ability to think of a different place in the world – anywhere else in the world – and know exactly what is happening there. It is a very difficult ability and rare. Most of The Gifted with Knowing can only look a certain distance before they can no longer detect what is happening. I can look throughout the world. It is my strongest Gift.

Wow. That sounds like a pretty awesome gift to have.
It can be, if you know where to look. The world is a big place, even my world. Unless you know where to look, Knowing doesn’t do you much good.

I want to ask you, how does the Gift work?
You are either born with it, born Touched by it, or born without it. Those born with the Gift have magical abilities, ranging from Knowing to Seeing and from Healing to Growing. They are born with the Gift inside of them and a part of them.

You said something about being Touched…?
Yes. The Touched have been around much longer than The Gifted. Those who are born Touched, are exactly that. They are touched by the Gift, but do not have it within them. They have abilities too, but their abilities are physical, whereas the abilities of The Gifted are mental. Some of them have great strength, deft abilities at shooting arrows or crossbows or with swords and knives, and some can run incredible distances with great speed. Some can see farther than most humans with the best of eyesight. They are invaluable to The Gifted.

I want to ask you about your scars. Can you describe them, and explain how you got them?
Certainly. I understand why you would not want to show a picture. They are quite grotesque.
I was burned over all of my right side. It is a miracle – and due to Jane Holden – I lived. I had been searching out a possible traitor in our group. There had been signs of such and I felt I could easily identify who the treasonous lout was. I am sad to say I did, but I did not take the right precautions. I ran in – “guns blazing” as Jane described it – without personal regard for safety and was taught a painful lesson. I was right about the traitor, but to my chagrin, he got to me before I could get to him. One of his Gifts is Fire. If not for Jane, I surely would have died. She trusted me when no one else did, and committed a betrayal of her own to prove my innocence.

I have one more question for you.
Go ahead.

Do you agree with the current leadership in your world?
They were willing to kill me before hearing my side of the story. In what world is that right?

Thank you, Nathaniel Taggart, for joining me here today. It has been a pleasure talking to you and I look forward to talking to you more as the books go on.
It was my pleasure. Truly.

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did. Nathaniel is easily a favorite character of mine. Next week, I thought we might take a look at one of my main characters; either Amanda Strange from my untitled Nano novel or Jane Holden from The Gifted. If you have a preference to which one you would like to know more about, leave a comment!

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