The Gaia Wars Blog Tour: A Review of The Gaia Wars

Holy cow, you guys. You have no idea how thrilled I am to have joined this blog tour! Not only has it introduced me to an amazing writer, but to the amazing world he’s created.

The review:

        Warren Wilkes is a thirteen year old boy about to go on an adventure he never asked for. As a lover of all things nature, his life takes a turn when he pulls a prank on Todd Finley Jr., the school bully and son of a man bent on destroying hundreds of acres of wilderness for his housing development. 

The following days are met with danger, excitement, and amazing discoveries into his past as well as the past of a local tribe of Native Americans. With the help of his friend, Sean, Warren searches for the secret that is revealed to him by a medallion lost for centuries.
This book has it all, action, excitement, adventure. The characters are believable and Kenneth G. Bennett has done an amazing job of creating a boy readers can connect with. Warren is flawed and yet responsible, a perfect mix of a boy on the verge of becoming a young man.
When I first joined this blog tour, it was because I found the cover and the blurb interesting. How much can one little thing change the life of a young boy? Well, almost the second I opened it up on my Kindle, I was hooked. The descriptions were vivid, painting an amazing picture in my mind’s eye.
The only complaint I have is with my husband who kept reading over my shoulder or stealing my Kindle to read The Gaia Wars himself. And for a man who is VERY picky about what he reads, that’s saying something=)
All in all, I give it 4 stars!

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    Remember, it’s all about the books!

    About The Gaia Wars: DEADLY SECRETS have been buried in the Cascade mountain wilderness for centuries. Hidden. Out of sight and out of mind. Until today… Warren Wilkes, age 13, doesn’t like what a greedy housing developer has done to his peaceful mountain community, so he vandalizes the developer’s property, flees into the wild, and stumbles upon an ancient human skeleton revealed by torrential rain. More than old bones have been exposed, however, and the curious artifact Warren finds makes him question his own identity, and his connection to an ancient terror. A terror destined to rise again and annihilate all that Warren loves. He must fight or see his whole world destroyed. Get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

    About Battle for Cascadia: When Warren Wilkes, age 13, stumbles upon a mysterious relic deep in the Cascade Mountains, wonder reigns. Brimming with secrets and sentient energy, the relic leads Warren to a fantastic chamber, and to shocking revelations about his identity. Now wonder has turned to dread. A forgotten terror—a demon that knows Warren better than he knows himself—has risen again and is assembling an army; gathering power with a singularly evil goal in mind: to capture and enslave the wild spirit of the Earth itself. As war erupts and the planet slips into chaos, Warren embraces his destiny and finds help where he least expects it. Get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 

    About the Author: Kenneth G. Bennett is the author of the Young Adult novels The Gaia Wars and Battle for Cascadia (the second book of The Gaia Wars), as well as the forthcoming Exodus 2018, a paranormal thriller set in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. A wilderness enthusiast who loves backpacking, skiing and kayaking, Ken enjoys novels that explore the relationship between humans and the wild. He lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and son. Visit him on his website, Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.

    About Katie Doyle

    Katie Doyle is an avid reader, writer of NA and Adult fiction, a mom to two tornadoes that resemble an eight and six year old, and pet to a tuxedo cat named Oz and a German Shepherd/Boxer rescue named Charlie. If she's not reading, writing, or getting Oz out of a tree, she's screaming at characters on TV and trying not to curse around her kids.
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    1. Emlyn Chand says:

      Great review, Kathleen! I'm so happy you and your husband could both connect with The Gaia Wars. Now you can force him to talk about it with you and have a mini book club :-DWhen you get the chance, would you cross-post to Amazon and GoodReads to help up exposure for this wonderful book?Thanks a mil,Emlyn

    2. Thank you for the awesome review, Kathleen and for featuring The Gaia Wars on your blog again. Glad to hear your husband likes the book, as well! Best wishes,Ken

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