Sample Sunday: Meet Erica Cross

        Welcome to the first post in my Sample Sunday theme! Every Sunday I will be posting a little something from my current works in progress. It could be a little snippet of a scene, an interview, or an explanation of a particular magic or myth from my stories.

Today, we are going to meet a lovely lady by the name of Erica Cross. Erica is the best friend to my main character in the yet untitled NaNo novel.

Erica, Thanks for coming.
No prob. Thanks for having me.

Now, am I correct in thinking you are an artist?
Sort of. I love drawing and painting. I got into it when I was reading a book about art a few years back. I got so into learning about the different forms of art with painting and drawing that I decided to give it a try.

Did you read the book for a class?
No. Just for fun.

So you like reading?
I love reading. About everything. I get really into research sometimes. Obsessed with it really. I can spend hours in a library getting lost in what I’m reading and learning about all kinds of things. Like I did with art. I’ve actually been locked in the library before. They thought everyone had left, but I was still reading in one of the corners. I didn’t even notice when they shut the main lights off, I was so into the book.

How did you get out?
I finally noticed how dark it was and when I got up to look for someone the alarm started blaring. It was actually kind of embarrassing. The cops showed up and thought I had broken in. Eric still teases me about it.

Eric is your twin brother, right?
Yeah. We’re paternal twins. He looks more like Dad and I look more like Mom.

Let’s get to the heart of things. How did you meet Amanda [the main character]?
Our lockers are right next to each other. The first day of school, this horrible girl in our school, Monica, started harassing Amanda about where she had come from. I got so mad, I actually spoke up for her. Ever since then, we’ve been great friends.

What happened the first day of school? From what I understand, Amanda had a bit of a problem in the locker room.
Yeah. Brock, the captain of the football team and all around asshole. He decided to get two of his friends and corner Amanda in the girl’s locker room after school. If Eric, Chazz, and I hadn’t come along, I don’t know what would have happened. And I don’t want to think about it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Monica put Brock up to it though. He is her boy toy after all.

You mentioned that Amanda was being bullied because of where she came from. Where is that exactly?
Amanda was in a mental institution up until about a week or so before school started.

Do you know why she was there?
Yeah. She saw her sister die when she was eleven. She thought an animal did it and her doctor thought it best if she spent some time in a hospital until the delusions passed.

You sound pretty upset. Do you think it was delusions?
Of course I’m upset! How ridiculous is it that they couldn’t even consider the possibility. Of course, they don’t know the things Amanda and I do now, but I still think it a little harsh to sent her straight to a padded room. She was only eleven for Gods sake.

Erica, I want to thank you for coming by and answering my questions.
Hey, it’s no problem. Thanks for having me.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this little peak into the mind of Erica Cross, a character from my yet untitled NaNo book. Next week, we will meet Nathaniel Taggart from The Gifted. Until then, stop by every day this week as I participate in The Gaia Wars Blog Tour. A great book worth reading! More on that tomorrow, though.

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