The Sunday #writecampaign Post – The Final Group

        Tomorrow is the last day of Rachel Harrie’s Platform Building Writers’ Campaign. I’ve had so much fun going around and finding some great blogs run by some great people. It’s been a fantastic experience and I look forward to the next campaign.

I’ve been through all the groups, highlighting some of the interesting, fun, or exciting blog posts. For the final #writecampaign Post, I decided to highlight my favorite posts from the group of blogs I’m a part of, Group 6 – YA (All Genres)(1).

Aimee L. Salter runs Seeking the Write Life where she discusses the elements of writing. Her most helpful posts are part of a series, the first part being Critical Plot Elements – Beginnings #1 – Writing the Rule Book

Alecia over at Slice of the Blog Pie has a weekly feature where her friend Miranda talks about Zombies. In honor of Halloween, Thursday she talked about Zombie Pumpkins. (Alecia is also doing a series for NaNo with some good planning tips that could be useful during any month.)

Allison Miller, from Left Brained By Day; Write Brained – All the Time, shares her perspective on queries with Query Minded.

I swear April Wilson at April’s Words is torturing me! She had to go and put up a recipe the other day for some awesome cookies. Food Friday: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I love cookies.

Christine has fast become one of my favorite bloggers. It’s easy to see the bubbly personality come through in her writing even when talking about Jane Eyre.

Christine Tyler at The Writer Coaster breaks the silence. The Little Heads in Your Sidebar are Lying to You.

Cynthia at Random Thoughts talks reunions and why she was excited to go her her husbands. It’s the Season for Reunions!

Donna K. Weaver at Weaving a Tale or Two helps with understanding what Mr. in Mr. Ed means. Grammar Friday – Mr., Mrs., and Ms.

L.L. McKinney from Info Dump a la El talks about her excitement for NaNoWriMo. Surprise Post Sunday!

Another awesome blogger, J.A. Bennett of A Book, A Girl, A Journey is one I’ve been following since before the campaign. She challenges herself and others to avoid using adverbs for an entire week! The Sin of the Adverb.

Jen Duffey from Jen Duffey Writes shares her dictionary discoveries every Wednesday with Wednesday’s Word.

I’ve shared this post before, but Jolene Stockman’s Super You is pretty awesome. I love the artwork she found and an absolutely gorgeous quote too.

Jules at The Great, the Good and the Bad is having a 700 Follower Giveaway… And it’s international!

Stop by Some Things I Think and wish K.M. Walton congratulations! CRACKED Meets the World in Sixty Nine Days!

Kelley at Writtled has decided to join in the fun of Nanowrimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that many exclamation points, I can tell she’s excited=) Plus, there’s a great song at the end and who doesn’t like Foster the People?

I’ve featured this post by Kerri Cuevas on the #writecampaign Post before, but it’s an awesome achievement and there’s a picture of a fantastic looking cupcake. Announcement.

Liz Fichera has braved that strange wonder that is a teenage girl sleep-over. There, her niece and friends taught her much hasn’t changed in teenage girl lingo. Talking ‘Bout My Generation.

I’m really looking forward to the series Margo Kelley is going to be doing on her blog over her next few posts. It’s going to be about 5 Great Words for Inspiration.

And yet another blogger I have been fortunate to meet during this campaign is Mel Fowler at Adventure Writes. A few days ago her and her hubs celebrated their fifth anniversary! Stop by and congratulate them at 5 Years Today.

Melissa Dean at The Guardian Writer is excited about November, but for something other than NaNoWriMo… Twilight! Is Anyone Else Excited for November 18th?

A New Author Blog Hop – Sign Up is ready at Oh! For the Love of Books! So if you’re a new author or want to interview a new author, Michelle has things set for you to join in on the fun!

Everyone in the campaign knows her. She started it after all=) And now Rachel Harrie at Rach Writes has hit us with a wonderful opportunity not only to be published but also to help out a charity! Would you like your Campaigner Challenge stories to be published?

Rachel McClellan at Blackbird In My Window is having an Oktoberfest Writing Contest! There’s still a couple of days to enter, so get your first chapters ready!

Sarah Ketley has started something amazing… #Authorlove! Stop by her blog, The Precocious Scribe, and sign up for this great way to help support other authors!

Scott Stillwell at Just a few lines… has some great humor to share in his blog. And speaking of lines, if you can read the first one of Absolution and Uncle Pecos, then I salute you!

Steph Schmidt is having a Guest Post Submission Call on her blog, The NonSequitur Ramblings.

Stephanie at Word By Word had a great World building series that is definitely worth checking out!

At The Bluestocking Blog, Ms. Bluestocking herself explains Pen Names and Other Problems. It’s an interesting look into why one person would use a pen name and offers resources with arguments for and against.

I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner, but it took longer than I anticipated to go back through and read all my favorite posts by my group! Several bloggers gave me pause on which of their posts to highlight! It was difficult finding just one=)

I’ve had a blast these last couple of months and am so glad I decided to join up. It had been a whim, but one with an enjoyable outcome! If you have a chance, stop by all these blogs and say hi! I didn’t get involved as I would have liked, but I plan on continuing to read every one of these wonderful blogs! You should too=)

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    Excellent links. Sorry I'm just getting to this post now. It was a cuh-ray-zee weekend. Hope yours was great.

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    YAY! Great post – thanks for all of the links. 🙂

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