Monsterfest: Hell Hound

        Halloween is just a few days away. And since October is the month of monsters I have decided to join in the Monsterfest hosted by Sommer Leigh. So, what monster am I going to talk about?


Probably the most known hell hound throughout history is Cerberus, the three-headed creature guarding the gates of Hades. His purpose is not to keep people from getting in though; it is to keep the souls of the dead from escaping. Along with having three heads, Cerberus is said to have either a mane or tail made of snakes, depending on which work of literature or myth you look at.

If you’re a fan of the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, then you know well the use of hell hounds in fiction today. In Riordan’s series, the hell hound was a creature able to travel the world through the use of shadow, sent out to do Hades’ bidding.

But Cerberus isn’t the only hell hound in mythology. Fenrir, a wolf-like creature from Norse mythology, could also be considered a hell hound though he is most notably considered a warg (a form of hell hound found in many works of literature known for their shape-shifting).

The most notable features of a hellhound are it’s black fur, unnaturally large size, and glowing red or yellow eyes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one. Especially interested in learning more about he warg! Happy Halloween.

  2. Cortney says:

    There are also hellhounds in The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Awesome books!

  3. I'm a bit afraid of big dogs, so this is making my fear worse.This reminds me of the TV movie from the 70's, Devil Dog: Hound of Hell. I watched it several times as a youngster and I was frightened every time.

  4. Hell hounds are fun because they're one of the critters I still hear "modern" ghost stories about. Thanks for this entry!

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