The Sunday #writecampaign Post (delayed)

Sorry for the delay in getting this out there, but I’m sick with a pretty severe head cold that is trying to make it’s way into bronchitis… Ugh.

But I promised I’d get this to you today and I am feeling a bit better, so here it is!!

The Sunday #writecampaign Post

This week, we walk on down to find out what gets Lindsay N. Currie In THE MOOD. It is safe for work though, so don’t worry=)

Next, we go visit Holly Dodson who is Keeping [Her] Promise to let us know what Pottermore is like. Thanks Holly!!

Sangu Mandanna is having a contest!! Stop by and check it out=)

Amanda Milner was abducted by aliens! But really? The road of life has her sharing inspiration=)

Isis Rushdan is having a blog-hop contest. Check it out HERE where you can enter to win one of three prize packs!

Lola Sharp shows off her awesome in this post=)

Giles Hash has a charity that he highlights every month for his readers to learn about. Stop by and maybe you’ll find a charity you’d like to donate to!

Ohh!! A challenge!! Stop by Glitterlady’s blog for her Tuesday Tales Challenge 5=)

The title to this post totally spoke to me… Erica and Christy have blog title down for the hook=)

Only SM Reine can say this — The night I became a werewolf. Kind of.

Karen E. Hoover has a book that came out TODAY! Stop by HERE to find out where you can get it=)

Jenna Cooper gives a list of her ten favorite settings in novels. Do you have any to add to hers?

Susan Kaye Quinn posts about a charity that is having a contest. Check it out and see if the charity interests you!

I love cookies… Magan has an awesome recipe. I now need to go make cookies and gorge myself on them… NomNomNom.

This is pretty cool and crafty. Callie Leuck posts instructions on how to DIY screenprinted shirts!

How about a round of congrats to K.T. Hanna for finishing her first draft!!

Another recipe! This yummy one comes from Liz Fichera and I must say that I want to eat the picture right off my computer screen!! More NomNomNom.

Some useful advice to tourists of New York thanks to Liz=) I shall follow this advice to the letter should I ever visit NYC.

Daniel R. Marvello writes a post to his fellow Campaigners that I felt the need to share. I suggest everyone – either in the campaign or not – read this post!

Well, that concludes the links for today! Don’t forget to check back next Sunday for the next round of blogs from the next seven groups! Also, if you are worried I missed something that you might enjoy, feel free to check out the List of Campaigners. It’s too late to join now, but I’m sure everyone would love to hear from you!

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  1. Melissa Dean says:

    I love how you post all those links! I'm a new member to your campaign group, and I am excited to visting your blog very often!

  2. Lots of lovely links! I'm a fan of Daniel's post too, I'll probably link it. Everyone should read it.

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