Thirsty Thursday: Week 8

It’s time for another round of Thirsty Thursday shots blogs to digest. So, grab your beer stein pen and paper and get ready to tap that keg learn something!

First we have 3 Steps to Finding Your True Writing Voice. With a reference to whac-a-mole, Copyblogger gives us the low down on using your voice in writing.

Second, we move on to punctuation. I have a love/hate relationship with exclamation points. I get so excited!! I just have to use them!!! They look HORRID!!!! That’s why I’ve come to love How to Abuse and Neglect Punctuation Marks.

Now we move on to Grammar Divas with 5 Kudzu Words That Creep Into Your Writing and 5 More Kudzu Words That Creep Into Your Writing. How many times have I had to go through my WIP and remove these words I cannot even count!

You don’t want to bore your readers to death. Alan Rinzler doesn’t want you to either. That’s what his post Wake up your readers! How to thicken a plot is all about. He lists 4 Red Flags for you to think about in your own writing. (PS- if you don’t follow his blog, you should.)

How about a way to make sure you don’t come across as a newbie? Forty-five more flaws that expose your lack of storytelling experience, part 1 can help you out!

Who doesn’t love Chuck Wendig’s honesty and humor where writing is concerned? Just check out 25 Ways To Make Exposition Your Bitch and tell me you didn’t fall in love with him right away. He’s married with a new baby ladies, so don’t get too many ideas! (Some of his posts are NSFW, just so you know.)

Next, Kristen Lamb is one hell of a smart lady! In her post, 4 Writing Crutches that Insult the Reader’s Intelligence she gives new writers something to think about. I hate adverbs and the fact that adverbs are first on her list makes me heart her much. That’s not all though. She also gives great advice in The Devil is in the Details – 3 Ways to Make Your Writing Shine. I admit, I’m guilty of Deadly Sin #2.

Think dialogue is the only way to communicate? Think again. Over at W.I.P It, Lynda R. Young talks about the Power of the Unsaid Word. Give your characters that extra boost they need by employing some of her suggestions in your story.

Not sure your antagonist is up to par? Check out How to build a Villain, by Jim Butcher. There are 4 things he points out that makes an everyday bad guy into a villian.

Last, but certainly not least, I give you Your Story 37 – Submit Now! over at Writer’s Digest. It’s a competition with a prompt! Good luck, break a leg, and may your voice be with you!

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