Thirsty Thursday Week 3

Well, this blog was supposed to post yesterday. Apparently, I don’t know how to schedule blog posts though, so when I went to check it out this morning, it wasn’t there… Hmph. Anyway, here it is, a day late.

Welcome to the third week of Thirsty Thursday where I gather some of the best writing blogs I’ve found and plop them in your cup to sate that writerly knowledge thirst of yours.

First, we have Jeff Goins who gives us 5 Weak Words That Make Your Writing Less Effective. Don’t worry, he suggests how to change them too.

The Daily Kick by David Farland discusses how to write male characters.

Juliette Wade discusses chapter titles and why they could be important for your book.

Chuck Wendig will always have a special place in my heart for his wit and no BS attitude. Which is why his blog about dialogue is one of my faves. Well, everything he writes is one of my faves=)

Jodi Webb, over at WOW! Women On Writing explains Why Writers Need Lists.

Cheryl Reif gives us 10 Ways To Craft A Sense Of Place.

The lovely and talented Roz Morris tells us How To Wield Back Story With Panache. That’s right! We don’t want any info dumps here!!

I love Kristin Lamb. There’s I’ve said it! Now, having said it, you should check out her blog about Word Poop and see why I love me some Kristin Lamb!

Joanna Penn posted a blog on Creativity: How 20 Bad Ideas Can Kick-Start Your Imagination.

Angie Smibert posts about Dystopian Rights Of Passage (Part 1) over at The League of Extraordinary Writers.

And that’s all for today, folks. Stop back by next week for another round of Thirsty Thursday!

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