Thirsty Thursday – Week 1

Do you crave knowledge?

Are you thirsty for all the info you can find about writing?

You are?

GREAT! Then you have come to the right place=)

I have done a couple of posts where I give links to blogs or websites about writing. These posts were pretty popular, so I’ve decided to do a weekly blog post dedicated to all the awesome blogs and websites I’ve found with some extraordinary writer-ly advice.

From this day forward, I dub the fourth day of the week (weekends don’t count!) Thirsty Thursday, where all of your writing advice needs are quenched with a weekly round-up of awesome blogs!!

So, without further ado, here be the links (don’t ask where the pirate talk came from… I really have no idea):

Who knew punctuation could be so spunky? Well, Erika Napoletino certainly is in her post On Punctuation.

Miriam Forster does an amazing job breaking down the idea of worldbuilding in this first part of a series.

As always, Kristin Lamb provides excellent advice, this time on Scene Antagonists.

Janice Hardy gives a little insight on first chapters in this amazing post, and on this post about your first line.

Need to add depth to one of your characters? Jessica Lawson shows you the way in this post on using the zodiac.

I am addicted to reading Chuck Wendig’s blog over at and you should be too! Here is one reason why=)

One for those plotters out there (and the pantsers who want to try plotting). Sarah Domet talks about three methods of outlining and which might work for you.

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