Teenage Misery… Blame it on YA lit!

You’ve got to be kidding me…

That was the first thing that ran through my mind this morning when I checked out my blog list. I came across this post by Lisa Gail Green. What was she talking about? I immediately clicked the link she gave for a Wall Street Journal article and BAM! My jaw dropped and I read the article in utter disbelief.

I don’t know what angered me the most: The blatant generalization of YA literature or the blatant ignorance of the woman who wrote the article…. Hell, I might have to go with stupidity instead of ignorance on that score. I haven’t decided yet.

The point is, I was angry. And I’m not the only one angered by this “article” from the WSJ. The hashtag #YAsaves appeared on Twitter with an outpouring of 140 character long rants on how WRONG this article was… Not a small number of tweets from the young adult community.

In this article, Meghan Cox Gurden says,

“No family is obliged to acquiesce when publishers use the vehicle of fundamental free-expression principles to try to bulldoze coarseness or misery into their children’s lives.”

Uhm… WHAT?

Because, yeah. That’s exactly what YA lit is about isn’t it? It’s not about allowing kids today to see they are not alone in their fears and doubts and depressions. No, it’s about making them miserable and have to face things that are so totally NOT a part of kids lives today. I mean, life is nothing but rainbows and butterflies for teenagers, is it not?…


I really can’t talk about this anymore… I do not have the desire to pull my hair out by handfuls and that is exactly what this article makes me want to do. If I continue writing about the thing, I probably won’t be able to stop myself from pulling my hair out…

And then I’d have to blame it on YA lit.

*shakes head in contempt*

If you want to read more responses to the WSJ’s article, here are a few that got me nodding in agreement:

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And this list of tweets from #YAsaves.

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  1. Rowenna says:

    Hmm…I had a bit of a different take. I agree that YA has a great impact, even (especially) those with dark themes–but I also had to agree with the article that it seemed that dark was becoming the new normal for YA. And I don't know that I'm happy about that. Anyway, I blogged about it, would love your reaction!

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