Bad Mood Fixer-Upper

       Here lately, I’ve notice my mood slipping. I’d wake up in the morning, get my cappuccino, and start my daily routine. By the time Hubs would get home from work I was in such a foul mood, he’d do his best to remain invisible. Wise, to be honest.

I couldn’t figure it out. What was going on with me? Why in the wide world of possible emotion did my mood swing to the dark side by the end of the day? It got so bad yesterday that I didn’t even want to write (only 15 words ALL DAY!). I didn’t want to get on Twitter and mingle with the most awesomest people (#pubwrite, you know I’m talking about you). I didn’t want to watch TV. I didn’t want to surf the silly kitty cat videos on YouTube… I just didn’t.

I eventually tried to talk myself out of it… “I am in a good mood… I am in a good mood… I am in a good mood…” The more I said it, the worse my mood got because it wasn’t working.

It got to the point where I just decided to find a book to read. I don’t have any new books this week, and I didn’t really feel like re-reading something I’ve read and re-read a hundred times before. But there was a book (more like a series) I had read recently and the latest in the series has just come out. I have only read this series once and the new book is in my books to buy shopping cart. So, I figured why not?

Half an hour later I was in a really good mood! I had forgotten how much I really did enjoy reading!! I got through seven chapters last night before I went to bed and I had already laughed, teared up, and felt the sickening fear of mortality…

I had found what was wrong. I hadn’t read a book for the enjoyment of reading in a few weeks. I finished The Diamond Age; Or A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson a while ago but I didn’t follow it very well (nanotechnology is definitely not my forte, that’s for sure), and for that reason I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I usually do when reading books and entering other worlds.

But, the point is, I had missed reading! I had missed sitting back and seeing people and places and actions put in front of me for my imagination to run away with! I had left behind this incredible thing I LOVE to do and just dropped it by the way-side.

I’m a writer… I should know better.

What about you? Do you find your moods slipping if you haven’t read in a while?

About Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle is an avid reader, writer of NA and Adult fiction, a mom to two tornadoes that resemble an eight and six year old, and pet to a tuxedo cat named Oz and a German Shepherd/Boxer rescue named Charlie. If she's not reading, writing, or getting Oz out of a tree, she's screaming at characters on TV and trying not to curse around her kids.
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