Daisies in flower garden
By Martin LaBar

Monday, I started doing research on the meanings behind various flowers. I looked through various websites trying to find specific meanings. I thought I had hit the jackpot Monday afternoon when I found a site that was everything I thought I needed. There were even flowers I had never heard of before! I spent the rest of Monday transferring the information onto my computer and saving it. I was thrilled.

Turns out I shouldn’t have been.

Tuesday morning, I decided to look into these flowers more and add pictures to what I found on the meanings. Wow, was I surprised to find out that most of these “flowers” were actually trees. The names listed were actually the genus of trees. Now, I’m not a scientist nor am I a botanist, so I had no idea these were not what I was looking for. Tuesday morning, I was in a very bad mood.

Hey!By Hector Landaeta

I had to delete all the research I had done and start all over again. I found a few sites, this time with pictures tied to the flower names, many of them flowers I had actually heard of before. I didn’t get my hopes up though. I transferred what I found and labeled everything as needed. By that evening, I was in a better mood, but soiled on the idea of doing more research. I took the rest of the night off.

This morning, I woke up feeling much better and decided that I had a few more things I could look into on the interwebz and got to it. FINALLY I found the perfect site. If you ever need to know about flowers, check out Teleflora. You can even order flowers from them!

Now that my online research is done, I am headed to the library. It’s small, so I don’t know if I’ll find anything useful, but it is still the next step. From there, will be a dear friend of my paypal account!

How easy is it for you to do research online?

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