To Kill or Not To Kill – An Argument With My MC


Right now I am struggling with myself. I’m at a point in my WIP where I want something to happen. I want it to happen real bad. I want it to happen so badly I’m literally shaking. But my main character won’t let me do it…

You see, there’s this bastard in my book that I want to kill. He deserves a terrible horrible death and he deserves his death to be by my MC. There’s one problem…
My MC doesn’t want to kill him. And it’s not even that she doesn’t want to kill him, it’s more of an inability to kill him. She can’t. Sure, she wishes him the most horrible death possible, but she won’t be the one causing it as far as she’s concerned.
I keep trying to talk her into it, but she is adamantly refusing. I’m going to have to agree with her. Killing this man, while it might be a relief to me for having written him in the first place, will do nothing but kill my book where it stands too. He’s not a major player in the book. A couple of appearances and no name either. No, the reason the book would be killed right along with him is because it would kill my MC too. Not physically, but emotionally.

This isn’t the battle she is supposed to fight within herself just yet. She knows that one day she will have to kill the Antagonist, but killing this throw-away character right now, would only ensure the Antagonist’s eventual victory… And we can’t have that, now can we?

        Now I’m stuck. I don’t really know where to take it. I had this whole scene planned out in my head when I started my WIP, but now it’s useless.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out though. I’ve got my coffee (capp. actually – English Toffee and French Vanilla mix… yummy!), my kids are still asleep, and there have been no more Evil Ninja Cat antics as of yet. I have time to think of something. My MC will probably tell me what happened in the story anyway. I just have to wait for her to get over our argument about killing the guy to tell me!

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Katie Doyle is an avid reader, writer of NA and Adult fiction, a mom to two tornadoes that resemble an eight and six year old, and pet to a tuxedo cat named Oz and a German Shepherd/Boxer rescue named Charlie. If she's not reading, writing, or getting Oz out of a tree, she's screaming at characters on TV and trying not to curse around her kids.
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2 Responses to To Kill or Not To Kill – An Argument With My MC

  1. On the plus side: you seem to be very in tune with your MC–just the fact that you know that killing said evil person would hurt your MC emotionally says a lot. Lots of times writers will just make it so without considering the fact that what they're writing doesn't align with what the characters would REALLY do. (Even I'm guilty of that, actually. That's what first drafts are for.)At any rate, kudos for paying attention to your own characters! So few actually do! Remember: it's better to be stuck while figuring out what the realistic way to write is than to make your story sound contrived.

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks for stopping by, throwitinthecoffee! My characters are very important to me and I hope it comes through in my writing!

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